Atheists Want to Ban Bibles From Hotel Rooms

A militant atheist group in Wisconsin is threatened by the Gideons.

The Gideons, of course, are those quiet, white-haired grandfathers in most American communities who take it on as their personal responsibility to ensure that every local hotel room has a Bible. They’ve been part of American culture for over 100 years. They bring in the Bibles to hotels, motels, inns as well as hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, police stations and fifth graders’ classrooms — giving away New Testaments and placing copies of the Holy Bible in millions of bedstands nationwide.

Gideons International headquarters has tens of thousands of testimonies of the good those Scriptures have done over the decades — including the all-too-common thank-you notes, often anonymous, that tell of the writer’s overpowering depression and a desire to commit suicide, of preparing to take their life, of checking into a motel room ready to overdose or put a gun barrel to their temple, only to pause at the last moment and flip through the bedside Bible. The notes thank the Gideons for caring — for being there, for providing hope that stopped the writer from killing himself or herself.

Incredibly, the radical anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to put a stop to such Gideon placement of Bibles. The notorious group has launched a crusade to ban the Bible in hotel rooms.

Apparently it all began when FFRF founder and co-presidents stayed in a hotel room at Northern Illinois University. They were shocked to find a copy of the Bible – placed by the Gideons – beside their bed. They were enraged. Calling the Holy Scriptures “obnoxious,” FFRF sent NIU a demand letter claiming the presence of the Bible was “inappropriate and unconstitutional.”

Their campaign is troubling, reaching into America’s movie theaters where this spring the film God’s Not Dead 2 spoke to the hearts of Americans, telling the all-too-familiar story of a fictional schoolteacher facing off in court with just such a group of militants determined to purge Christianity from America’s culture and certainly its schools.

Too often the schools give in. In real life, NIU quickly caved in to the demands, removing all Bibles from their hotel rooms. FFRF has reportedly convinced the University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa to do the same, according to Snopes.

Now the atheists are demanding that all hotels remove the Bible from bedside tables. In fact, they are comparing the Bible to the health and safety dangers of smoking. They have posted a website “How to Counter Gideons Bibles” that offers tips on how to demand hotels remove the Bibles.

One group actually says that the Bible “may endanger your health and life” and is encouraging the placement of a skull and crossbones warning label on the Bible. It states, “we consider it an important consumer complaint, much like asking for smoke-free rooms.” That’s right, the Bible, sitting in a bedside drawer, poses a public safety hazard.

As part of its “Bible Free Room” campaign, FFRF’s co-president, Dan Barker, has some helpful suggestions on ways to deface and desecrate the Holy Bible.

Never mind America’s founding principles guaranteeing every citizen’s right to practice their faith. It’s called the First Amendment.

God’s Not Dead 2 comes to Blu-ray™ combo pack and DVD on August 16, 2016. You will enjoy this inspiring tale — which warns of a very real problem facing all of us.