GND actress Tatum O’Neal shows forgiveness, healing in TV interviews

In an amazing interview this week, Tatum O’Neal, who has a wonderful role in GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS, shared her personal journey, touching on beautiful themes—forgiveness, healing and hope—from the film.

The youngest Academy Award winner ever, O’Neal, who plays Barbara Sullivan in this third installment, discussed overcoming personal struggles on Megyn Kelly Today. O’Neal, who has had a rocky relationship with her father, Ryan O’Neal, looked right into the camera and offered forgiveness and best wishes to her dad.

“I want to say to my dad, ‘If you’re watching this, I love you. I’ve always loved you and forgiveness is the best policy,” O’Neal said.

Just as powerful: O’Neal extending a very public olive branch to her dad made headlines across the country. It’s another example of how God works through the GOD’S NOT DEAD films and actors to share love and truth.

Later in the interview, O’Neal shared how faith helped her through challenging times. “In my times when things have been the darkest and I was going through my struggles, in New York in the 90s, I didn’t have anyone,” she said. “I got down on my hands and knees and I prayed, ‘Please, God, just get me help. I’m going to die.’”

The next day, O’Neal checked into a treatment center in Connecticut. “And now, you’re clean and sober,” Kelly said, smiling at O’Neal. “God bless, Tatum. God’s not dead.”

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In an LA Times article, O’Neal said she enjoyed being a part of GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS. O’Neal told the LA Times, “They were lovely to me on this movie. They treated me with so much respect. I hope if they make another one, they’ll think of me.”

David A.R. White, who plays Reverend Dave in the film, said O’Neal was perfect for the role. “She couldn’t have been nicer. I think sometimes when people go through these different addictions, their spirit has softened a lot to where now they want to love people, and that’s kind of what I feel like Tatum is at,” White told the LA Times.

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