When God’s Not Dead 2 Plays Out As YOUR Story!

Guest Post by Chase Windebank

As GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 came to a close and the credits began to roll, I saw my name come up along with a brief description of my court case. Immediately, I was carried back to five years ago …

I was suddenly a freshman in high school again. I remember deciding to gather friends during school free time to pray, worship, and seek God together. For that entire first year, I struggled to remain faithful to what God had called me to do, because it was often just me and one other person attending.

It was in those moments that I turned to the Word. Reading through its pages, I was reminded that God is a faithful God, and He will give strength to those who are weary—just like when Grace Wesley came to a moment of desperation in the movie.

God reminded me that I was the one who chose to stand in the gap for my school and friends and that He was pleased with me for that simple decision. The Father never left me, and He made sure that I knew that full well thanks to the promises I read in my Bible.

Skip ahead to my senior year. The very first prayer meeting that year, thirty people showed up to pray and worship Jesus! Then forty, fifty, sixty, all the way to more than ninety people were showing up week after week. Jesus was showing me that He was the one who was sustaining me and changing hearts.

And then, unexpectedly, we were told by our faculty that we were no longer permitted to meet during school time due to what they said was separation of church and state. It was through the struggle of battling for the right to continue our prayer meeting that God called to memory what He promised me in my freshman year: “News of this prayer meeting is going to reach the nations, and My Name will be made famous through it.”

And that is exactly what happened.

News of our legal case reached people all over the world, and some of them contacted me to encourage me and show their support. It’s amazing how God took a simple decision to remain obedient in my freshman year and turned it into a tool that reached the ears of thousands with the name of Jesus.

It took nearly eight months for my case to come to a close. The outcome? A victory on the side of free speech! Now, if any other public school student is refused the right to pray during their free time at school, they can use my case as an example to aid in their own victory.

God was faithful to sustain me, and all of those rich memories came flooding back as I watched GOD’S NOT DEAD 2. Even though I am now far removed from it all, it felt so real and present. There were times I literally stood up and jumped in excitement for the case being made on behalf of Ms. Wesley.

The thought and scholarly guidance that this movie undertook in order to depict the truth of what our nation is dealing with was phenomenal. Remember with me, for this is the foundation upon which our nation was built. Remember it well by going to see this film. Be Blessed!

Chase Windebank is a Colorado native who loves hiking through the Rocky Mountains, teaching Taekwondo, and writing. His goal in life is to stir up passion in his generation for the things of God, and to show people the true treasure of the Gospel in his everyday life.