GOD’S NOT DEAD Takes a Personal Approach

The hugely popular film series GOD’S NOT DEAD is releasing a new installment in the series, GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS, on March 30. The new film is breaking away from the previous two, following a much more personal story with one of the series’ previous protagonists, Reverend Dave.

For more insight into the new film and why the creators of the franchise took a different direction, we sat down with David A. R. White, who plays Reverend Dave. “In the first two films, we start out in the university and then the next film goes into the public courthouse,” said White. “The question was, what is the next step here in this process? Will we end up at the Supreme Court or will we end up in Washington, D.C.? We actually felt it was better for the story to take a more personal approach.”

The writers felt an authentic, personal story would create a film with a deeper connection. “Reverend Dave goes to jail at the end of GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, and we’ve seen Reverend Dave’s story on the outskirts in the first film and then the second film. He’s been an integral part of the story, but we didn’t know that much about him. This story opens up on him getting out of jail, what is that like, who is Reverend Dave and what is he going through?”

But the story – and Reverend Dave’s life – quickly takes an even harder turn when Dave is faced with a tragic fire at his church and the local university moves to drive the congregation off of its campus and out of town. Wracked with personal grief and loneliness, Dave must confront the legal challenges and the mounting forces against him.

With nowhere else to turn, Dave makes a call to his estranged brother Pearce, played by John Corbett, who left the family and his faith years ago to pursue a legal career in the big city. Awkwardly reunited under less than ideal circumstances, the two brothers must face the past that drove them apart and reconcile how they can fight for what they believe and still shine a light on God’s love for all people.

“The main theme of this movie is the church. How is the church relevant in today’s society? Has it become irrelevant or is it relevant today? It just made sense to have Reverend Dave lead that story because he was representing the church, he was the pastor. Out of those questions came the movie.”

In a story as rich and complex as modern life itself, GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS brings together an all-star cast, including Shane Harper, Ted McGinley, and Tatum O’Neal, to wrestle with the issues of faith we all face each day.

Coming to theaters nationwide March 30, GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS is the most socially relevant faith film of the year. Get tickets at GodsNotDead.com.